Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 55!

Man, i can't believe i haven't posted in two weeks!
I have been sooo busy (and a bit lazy...). We're still working on our greenhouse and the spring cleaning stuff. I've been keeping up with my morning banana and water every morning, and i still go to bed well before midnight every night. But i haven't fixed my eating routine yet. I don't eat bad things, i just don't eat on schedule. So i really need to work on eating at noon, 3pm and then dinner. But is it so bad to just snack during the day? I don't eat junk food.

I am really trying to push myself to exercise more, i've been trying to start a pilates routine, i just haven't got motivated yet. Though i do walk down to the beach every day. The beach is a full 5 minute walk down a hill from my house, so when we walk back its more like 10 minutes walking uphill. Thats gotta kill some calories, right? My problem is that i haven't lost anymore weight since the 30 day mark, or not by much anyhow. I'm 149lbs right. So since i've reached what in the dieting world they call a "plateau" i need to do something to overcome it. Either by changing my diet a bit more because my body is used to it OR to.... exercise. (ugh!)

So i've got my cardio covered with my daily beach walk, though i suppose i could do more... i've got my diet covered, now i just have to put in 15 measly (painful) minutes of exercise. Or maybe i could just put my boat in the water and row around the bay? But i guess that would just be more cardio and wouldn't really work any muscles accept my arms and area... It would be easier if i had someone telling me to do it everyday, like a really hot personal trainer at a gym. I'd be happy if i could just get my sister to call me once a day, but for as many times as i remind her, she never calls! Anyways, guess i will do some exercise right now!

Thanks for tuning in to my Morning Banana Blog!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Morning Banana Diet - Day 40

What a day and its not nearly over. With spring comes spring cleaning, spring weeding and other springy type things. Today i went down to our beach with my husband and kids and collected drift wood for the green house we're building. Now when i say drift wood i don't mean the small stuff, i'm talking logs. It took a lot of effort (mostly my husbands), but together we carried nearly a dozen logs across the beach (its big), up the bank (the stairs washed away in a storm), up the ramp and to the bottom of the drive-way where they now sit waiting for us to drive down there and with a truck and bring them up to our yard. (Its 19 acres here.) i tell you my heart was racing with the effort i was exerting. Just imagine the calories i must have burned!

Yesterday we were down near the beach collecting the wood from what used to be a fence that we're going to use to build a chicken-coup for the hens we'll be picking up next week, that took a hour or two and a few hundred calories burned. Once we came back from the beach i was outside raking my walk-way and laying out sticks for markers of where we're going to put the green house. Tomorrow we start building the frame and once that is done i'll have to start digging a dozen or more wheel barrel loads of dirt for the garden. There's a lot more i'll be doing, but too much to list. All i can say is that now that it is spring i'm getting up off my butt and working, burning calories and hopefully the weight will just start falling off!

(I want my greenhouse to look like this!)
Another thing that i have been doing is reading a book my aunt bought for me from the second hand store for $4 whole dollars (thats pretty ritzy for second hand!) about Pilates. I know that i have posted before about how difficult it is for me to exercise, well i have to tell you that the only place in my small house where i can get away from the kids to exercise and they don't jump on me is my bed (its raised chest high). Unfortunately its difficult to exercise on the bed because its squishy and not very good for resistance things like push ups, planks and what-not. Have i mentioned that my lap top that i am currently typing on is on my bed? I spend a lot of time on my computer, meaning that i spend a lot of time laying on my bed. Anyways, (don't let this sound to sad now), what i've read so far about Pilates is pretty interesting. It was invented for bed-ridden patients in ww1 who would use these exercises to keep their limbs strong without leaving they're beds. Its interesting because it means that i shouldn't have any difficulty doing these exercises' from the only place where i can escape the children. My Bed!

Oh, and i've also been trying to take a fiber supplement (Ultra Fiber) 100% natural. Basically you're supposed to take it before meals with a large glass of water. Fiber is the part of your food that the body does not digest and that creates "bulk" to move food and bad things that could normally be left behind by junk foods out of the body. You don't need to take fiber supplements to do this, you can just add more fiber to your diet by eating Banana's or oatmeal or other fiber rich foods. The thing about fiber is that is fills you up, leaving you feeling less hungry and ending up eating less. One way to do this would be to eat one banana and a glass of water 30 minutes before any meal and you will feel fuller and eat less.

Well thats it for today, i'm going back outside to finish up a few things before the suns gone!

Thanks for tuning in to my Morning Banana Blog!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Morning Banana Diet - Day 38 - Before Pics!!! (((Please Comment!)))

Ugh! I just haven't bee
n with it these past two days. I swear, i really had meant to post again, but i just haven't gotten to it until now. Not to mention i haven't been recording my calories the last two days either, don't worry, i don't think i went over. Then again, i did have and A&W Mama Burger Meal yesterday then had Mr.Noodles for dinner..... i cringed when i thought of the calories! But i have to remind myself also that this is the morning banana diet, and the rules state "Eat whatever you want!".

I weighed myself this morning and i went down another pound to 147lbs! It seems that i have finally made it past my diet plateau :-) I really am feeling better since being on this diet, like i have more energy and i almost feel like exercising! The thing is that it took so much effort because my body was heavier than i was used to and now that its coming off ( i was 155lbs when i started, i've lost 8 pounds!) it feels easier to exercise and to do things, less tiring.

I've been thinking lately that i should post my before pics. Or rather my before "kids" pic and my after "kids" pic, so that when i'm fit we can see my Real After Everything Pic! Anyways, don't laugh, they're not that great of pics...

(You can click the pictures to make them larger)

(You should also note that the below picture i weighed about 160lbs)

Thanks for tuning in to my Morning Banana Blog!

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